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Monica Rodriguez

It means the world to me that my son looks up to his mommy as a confident and strong woman.Before I became a part of the F2C family, I lied to myself for years with the same old excuses!, I’m too tired, I can’t as I have a baby, I have no energy after my commute to and from work, I’m too busy and the list goes on and on..Since I’ve been training at Fit-2-The-Core, I’m stronger, happier, more confident and most importantly a better mommy! I feel so amazing after each workout, I always leave refreshed and in a better mood.

barbie young

Barbie Young

I started at F2C training systems on October 24th 2013. That is the day my life changed. I couldn’t do a push up, dead lift, skip in place, plank, rope jack or even a RDL. My energy level was basically nonexistent. Since then, I am proud to say I can do it all. I’ve even completed two 5k with my daughter. I have another one in July with my husband. My energy level is awesome! I can chase my 2 little ones around & not have to stop to catch my breath. I even jumped in the jumpy house with my 2 year old! I’ve lost 21Ibs & 25,5 inches. I’ve gone from a size 20-22 to a size 16. I drive from Livermore 3-4 times a week to workout. I love my coaches and can’t say enough about the ninja nighttime crew. We’re like family! It’s awesome how we hold each other accountable. I’ve enjoyed all the challenges & my thin it, to win it team. The Fit-2-The-Core team is amazing! Look forward to reaching all my goals & having continued success at Fit-2-The-Core Driven by my results!



Before I started at Fit-2-The-core I was wearing size 8 in my dresses at 1461bs. I had a membership at a gym in Brentwood that I never used and my only form of exercise was jogging. Exercise was not a big part of my life, I wasn’t very active and what I was doing I found boring and un-motivating. My friend told me about a 4-team transformation challenge at Fit-2-The-Core, so I gave it a shot. Right away I loved the energy and how everyone was so friendly and pushed one another. My coach helped me with my form and kept pushing me week after week during my workouts, helping me to lose 10Ibs and dropped 4 dress sizes. Fit-2-The-Core brought working out back into my life and made it fun again. I keep coming back for more, because it’s not a chore anymore, it’s part of my way of life now