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Tim Rudd, Owner, F2C Coach

Education: BS Kinesiology, National Academy of Sports Medicine,International Sports Sciences Association, Precision Nutrition Master Coach, FMS, Bio-force HRV, International Youth Conditioning Association, DVRT Level 1 & 2

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As a kid I started training with my brother and his friend in the garage in 5th grade. I loved the feeling I had after exercising, it gave me a high that I became addicted to, I just felt great and it helped me look great too. Then throughout high school I trained mainly for sports, I always did the traditional lifts of Bench Press, Squat and bench press. I always loved free weights they helped me perform better, but also challenged me. In college I had the same experience with lifting weights, it helped with my performance, but again I loved the way I felt after my workouts, I felt great. I always had a passion for working out, I remember me and my best friend would read muscle and fitness, and we would do more than read it, we would want to know why and would argue over who was right. I somehow always had a passion for the why; I wanted the best results possible.

Then in 1999 even though I continued with my workouts I ate really bad and ballooned to 275 pounds from 220 pounds. I was bloated and felt horrible, so I took on the body for life challenge from Bill Phillips. I followed the workouts and the nutrition guidelines to a tee and within 3 months completely transformed my body to a lean 220 pounds, even leaner than I was before. The concepts of portion control and shorter intense workouts really made the difference, these principles also intrigued me, so I started to learn from more people like Bill Phillips, the guys in the trenches that were applying principles that worked in helping transform peoples lives. This sparked my passion for school and now my career. I started Fit-2-The-Core back in 2006 as an independent contractor at Maverick’s sports club in Concord Ca. and ventured out into my own facility back in 2010. Since then I have helped hundreds of people transform their lives.

I’ve built an awesome Team of coaches with the same mission of changing people lives with the most cutting edge and proven principles of nutrition and program design. We strive to give our members the most effective and fastest strategies in reaching their goals in the fastest and safest way possible, whether it’s to look better, feel better, move better or play better.


Tim Rudd

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” -Kenneth Blanchard