“The Fat Loss Business Lesson”

This was a great post by Alwyn Cosgrove yesterday about customer service.

When we teach our clients about fat loss at Results Fitness, we usually include a lesson about physiology that teaches them that there is never a zero change in body fat levels at any one point. Sure, you may stay at the exact same weight and body fat percentage from week to week, but all that actually means in physiological terms is that your body spent the exact same amount of time, storing body fat in the exact same amount as it did burning fat.

The net effect is “no change” but as a basic premise there’s never a situation where the body is neither storing or burning fat. The physiology doesn’t stop. The tank is being filled or drained.

Your business is the same way.

Think of your business (or yourself) as having a “gauge” of, for example, your professionalism.

Every interaction you have is going to move the needle to “more professional” or “less professional”. Which is really “more business” or “less business”.

There’s never an interaction that results in zero change in how you are perceived. Everything moves the needle.

And it’s not just your interactions with the other party. It’s interactions that a third party can see. A prospect watches you deliver a world-class training session and be 100% invested in your client – that moves the needle. They see you check your phone or become disinterested? That moves the needle too.

It’s not just interactions either – it’s your marketing. It’s every point of contact with a prospect before they become a member. It’s how you dress. It’s every coaching cue that comes out of your mouth. It’s every instagram picture on your profile. It’s every social media post.

Everything moves the needle.

Now I’m not suggesting that you be “on” all the time anymore than I expect our body composition clients to follow their diet perfectly 100% of the time.
However we do need to understand that everything counts. Everything speaks.

The net result of how professional the market perceives you to be will be a combination of how often you’ve moved the needle to “more professional” as opposed to less.

The needle is never stuck.
The needle always moves.

Dedicated to your success,

Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove

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Realistic, Effective, and Sustainable Real Life Strategies

Fitness in the context of real human life is just like the rest of life.

We’re all just doing the best we can in challenging, complicated circumstances.

We are all living messy, imperfect lives. We are all human.

If we can just keep moving forward, no matter what happens, no pause buttons, no do-overs, we win the game.

Here are a few strategies for getting out of the pause-button mentality and into a more realistic, effective, sustainable way of thinking.

1. Try the dial method.

Think of your fitness like a dial that goes from 1 – 10.

If you were to dial it up to “10”…

What would your workouts look like?

What would your nutrition look like?

What other actions/habits would you practice in that scenario?

If you were to dial it down to “1”…

What would your workouts look like?

What would your nutrition look like?

What other actions/habits would you practice in that scenario?

Giving thought to your life right now, where is your dial set?

Would you like to make any adjustments?

Could you move the dial up a channel, or even half a channel?

If so, what would that look like?

On the other hand…

Should you move the dial down a channel so you can stick with health and fitness even during a difficult time?

2. Aim for a little bit better.

An all-or-nothing approach usually doesn’t get us “all”. It usually gets us “nothing”.

You know what actually works?

Small improvements done consistently over time work — we have proof in the nearly 100,000 clients that have been helped through Precision Nutrition Coaching method.

You might be trying to make a meal out of hospital cafeteria food, or gas station food, or airplane food. You might be spending hours awake with a newborn in the middle of the night, or stuck in yet another full-day meeting.

These aren’t ideal scenarios, but they’re not necessarily hopeless either.

Look around. Get creative. See if you can find some small — maybe minuscule — improvements.

3. Anticipate, strategize and plan.

Since we already know that stuff is going to go wrong, the best thing we can do is anticipate and make plans for how to deal when they do.

A simple way to do this is by answering two questions:

What’s likely to get in the way of what I hope to accomplish?

What is something I can do today to help me keep going when I face those obstacles?

For some people, that might be a Sunday ritual where they prep food for the week so they won’t be scrambling for healthy meals on busy weeknights. For others, it might mean having a healthy meal-delivery service on speed dial.

Don’t be surprised and dismayed when things go haywire. They will at some point. Just arm yourself with the best tools and strategies so you can stay in the game when you’re thrown a curveball.


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Group Schedule Change

This is Fit-2-The-Core updated group schedule which will begin on Monday March 12th. We understand that some of you who attend these classes will be disappointed that they will not be offered as of right now. We do not make or take these decisions lightly. Every decision made is for the benefit of you the customer and you experience here at Fit-2-The-Core and the continued growth of Fit-2-The-Core as well.

We have tracked the attendance in the 6am,7am and 9am group classes over the last 3-month cycle and the attendance has averaged 3 people, with most of the time being 1 or 2 and sometimes none. So, in light the lack of interest for these time slots, we are discontinuing the 6am and 9am classes starting on Monday March 12th.  I understand that the 7am has very low attendance as well, as I’m sure you are aware, but the decision to keep the 7am is the most effective business strategy moving forward.

In order for it to make sense from a business prospective to run these group classes, attendance has to consistently be at 6 or more, if not then it is no longer contributing to the growth of the business and the group class experience. In saying that, if this change absolutely prohibits you from utilizing our services you have the option of upgrading to our semi-private program or emailing tina@fit2thecore.com if you absolutely cannot adjust to this schedule. We then can discuss whether Fit-2-The-Core is still a good fit for you. We do not want you to feel at all like you are being forced to do anything, based on this decision as you always have a choice and we want to make sure you understand that, but we do too, and we reserve the right to change the schedule due to demand or lack thereof.

In the next 3 months if the demand for these services are adequate we will reconsider adding these back to the schedule.

We strive to offer the best experience possible and with this adjustment we will be providing the best service possible to our Fit-2-The-Core community.

Schedule Change notes:

Copy of the new schedule which will begin on March 12th will be available in the gym.

No longer will there be a 6pm group strength class, there will only be a 5am and 7am offered in the morning.

We are changing the start time of Tuesday/Thursday Burn class to 5:15am from 5:30am.

The 9am Group Burn class has been moved to 8am.

The 5:30pm Burn Class will become an open gym class with priority going to semi-private coaching. Open gym is you come in and we give you your 4 exercises and you exercise on your own following the heart rate system. We of course will get you started and make needed corrections(note: this class has consistently been very low attendance with zero to 5 at best, not sure why this is, but maybe 5:30 is too early, so I will take requests for a 6pm Tues/Thursday class and if I get 6 or more people to commit I will add that, but the demand has to be there or I can’t justify adding it).

Please do not respond with request not to do this, this is a final decision in which a lot of thought and planing has been put into with me and my staff. Again, we will revisit these group classes in June and if the demand warrants it, we will add them back.

Also, all communications regarding this schedule will only be addressed to tina@fit2thecore.com, any other communication will not be addressed, so please respect our communication process and do not respond on skipio or from the email in which this was sent. Your questions or concerns will be appropriately addressed by emailing tina@fit2thecore.com.

Thank you for your understanding,

Tim Rudd






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Action Plan

Turning Outcome Goals Into Behavior Goals

What, exactly, are your fitness goals?

Any effort to “get in shape” starts with this question.

It seems like an easy question to answer.

Just rattle off how many pounds you want to lose, what pant size you want to wear, how much weight you want to deadlift, or the date you need to look photo-ready… and you’re on your way.

Of course, that’s how most people set their fitness goals. But are they doing it right?

Usually not.

When you set your goals up properly, you have a simple, elegant, action-inspiring blueprint. You know exactly how you’re going to build the skills you need to get the body you want.

Proper goal setting is a plan for getting things done. When you do goals right, you feel ready, willing, and able to make your dream happen.

When you don’t know how to set goals, you get lost. Confused. Overwhelmed. Crushed by “shoulds”. Distracted by wondering and worrying, or by irrelevant details. If you succeed with poor or unclear goals, it’s probably by accident.

Mastering the skill of goal setting is powerful.

You need a formula that can be applied to any desired outcome — from losing weight, to getting off cholesterol meds, to feeling good about where you are in life.

Today, I will outline one of three  formulas for goal setting. These are exact strategies that I learned while becoming a Precision Nutrition Level 2 coach, and the same formula I use with Fit-2-The-Core members and thousands of Precision nutrition clients s well with great success.

There are three important ways to instantly transform “bad” fitness goals into “good” ones and today I’m going to share the first one with you.

Step 1: Turn “outcome goals” into “behavior goals”.

Generally, when someone asks about their fitness goals, most people start with the outcome(s) they want:

·      I want to lose 20 pounds.

·      I want that thin-skinned, ripped look.

·      I want to binge less often.

·      I want to deadlift double my bodyweight.

Outcome goals describe how we want things to be at the end of the process.

There’s nothing wrong wanting things. Or talking about what you want. Or starting with the end in mind.

But we can’t stop there.

Wanting things isn’t enough. Even if you really, really, really want them.

Because: We often can’t control outcomes.

Outcomes are affected by environmental things. Like:

·      Your job gets crazy busy.

·      Your kid gets sick.

·      Your gym closes for renovations.

·      Your mom with dementia needs help.

·      You have exams at school.

And they’re influenced by physical things. Like:

·      Your hormones get out of whack.

·      You have a chronic illness. (Or even just a tough bout with the flu.)

·      You’re stressed.

·      You’re traveling a lot.

·      You’re getting older.

·      You’re having problems sleeping.

·      You sprained your ankle or your arthritic knee is doing its thing again.

You get the idea.

You can’t make your body do what you want it to. (And neither can your coaches.)

But you can control what you do.

That’s why behavior goals are so important: They focus on the things we do have control over.

Behavior goals represent your commitment to practice a particular set of actions or tasks every day, as consistently and regularly as possible.

Here’s a practical example.

Client:“I want a flat stomach.”

Coach:“Okay, cool.

“Let’s write that down as the outcome you want.

“Now let’s think about all the little steps we can take to move you toward that outcome, and which ones should come first.

“In my experience, here’s a step that makes a huge difference, and it’s a great place to start.

“It’s very simple but incredibly effective: Eating slowly.

“I know it doesn’t seem to relate to ‘flat stomach’ right away.

“But in fact, eating slowly helps you pay more attention to what you’re eating and how. That means over time, you make better food choices easily and effortlessly.

“Eating slowly helps you eat a bit less, but still feel satisfied. It helps decrease bloating because now you’re chewing and digesting your food better, which is another plus for Project Flat Stomach.

“Would you be willing to try this first step of eating slowly, and also to track whether you practice this?”

Since eating slowly helps folks eat less, and eating less most often leads to fat loss (not to mention the benefits of better food choices and better digestion), this approach helps turn an outcome (uncontrollable) into a behavior (controllable).

Here are a few other examples of how we can turn outcome goals into behavior goals.

Table Strategies

Notice how both outcome and behavior goals are trackable. However, behavior goals are usually more effective because they give you something to do (and track) each day.

So how can you set powerful behavior goals today?

1.     Write down one outcome you want. Don’t overthink it. Just name the desire you want most right now.

2.     Write down some of the skills you think you’ll need to get that outcome. If you’re just starting out, focus on foundational skills. What are the basics that make everything else possible? (For instance, if you want to manage your time, you need to learn to use a calendar.)

3.     Related to each skill, write down a behavior or two you can do today that’ll help build those skills. This can be really easy, like walking through the gym doors or even packing your gym bag for tomorrow morning.

4.     Do the behavior today, and tomorrow, and so on. And, keep in mind, if you don’t follow through on a given day, don’t let it derail you. Each day is a clean slate.


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Happy Valentine’s Day

With all of the love in the air this week we’ve been reflecting on the people we love. I know it’s a bit mushy but we really do love our members and I wanted to share a few reasons why…

1. They are givers. They give to our community, they take care of their families, many are caretakers by profession including teachers, nurses, in customer service or own businesses that help others. We are honored to be the ones they chose to take care of them so they can take care of everyone else.

2. They are go-getters. When they decide that they want to accomplish something there is no stopping them.They seek out the answers, find the experts and make it happen and they chose us as their experts to accomplish their health & fitness goals.

3. They don’t settle. Good is not good enough. Our members want the best. At Fit-2-The-Core we bring our best everyday because we love our members so much and want them to have the best.

4. They love to have fun. Our members are what make up our culture at Fit-2-The-Core. When you walk in and feel the energy, the good vibes, the support and the family atmosphere it is because of our members. They make everyday so much fun for us!

5. They don’t waste time. They are busy, busy people with many demands on their schedule so when it comes to getting something done including their workout they don’t waste time. They come to Fit-2-The-Core because they know their time will be used effectively and we’ll get as much done during their session as possible. We love that they mean business when they come to workout.

6. They support each other. The camaraderie in our gym between members is incredible. Always watching out for each other, checking on each other and helping each other out. We have many life long friendships that have grown out of meeting at Fit-2-the-Core. We love seeing the support and care our members show each other.

7. They are part of our community. We are family! They aren’t just customers or nameless gym members. Each member of our gym plays a very special role as a part of our community and culture. Every personality adds something to the atmosphere at Fit-2-The-Core. We only have positive, fun, inspiring people who bring it everyday when they walk through our doors and they rock! Each one of you holds a special place in our hearts.

8. They are dedicated. Our members are very consistent. When they commit to something they don’t waver. We see our members on average 2-3 times a week. Right now we have really dedicated to New Year New You team members here 4 days a week. They are dedicated to their own health & fitness because they know it makes them better at everything else they do. We appreciate their dedication and love seeing them regularly!

9. They love a challenge. Whether it’s a 100 workout challenge, a D2S challenge, our Going Strong Personal Best Challenge, our New Year New You, an Obstacle Course Challenge, or their own personal challenge accomplishing a goal they set out to do our members love to conquer a challenge! We have members who have done pull-ups for the first time, members who have climbed Mountains, bike ride hundreds of miles and who have crossed finish lines…we love that our members are always ready to tackle a challenge!

10. They show appreciation. Our members make our job everyday extremely rewarding. To see them transform their lives year after year and share their stories. We love that our members tell their stories and inspire each other. Many times they’ll say to us- “Thank you!” while we realize that it was all them…we gave them the path but they had to follow through. We always say we won’t take the credit, because we wouldn’t take the blame…they get all the credit!

Fit-2-The-Core Members – You rock! We love you!

We’ll see you in the gym!

Happy Valentines!
Your coaches
Tim, Chris, Carrie, Preston and Tina

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