Group Schedule Change

This is Fit-2-The-Core updated group schedule which will begin on Monday March 12th. We understand that some of you who attend these classes will be disappointed that they will not be offered as of right now. We do not make or take these decisions lightly. Every decision made is for the benefit of you the customer and you experience here at Fit-2-The-Core and the continued growth of Fit-2-The-Core as well.

We have tracked the attendance in the 6am,7am and 9am group classes over the last 3-month cycle and the attendance has averaged 3 people, with most of the time being 1 or 2 and sometimes none. So, in light the lack of interest for these time slots, we are discontinuing the 6am and 9am classes starting on Monday March 12th.  I understand that the 7am has very low attendance as well, as I’m sure you are aware, but the decision to keep the 7am is the most effective business strategy moving forward.

In order for it to make sense from a business prospective to run these group classes, attendance has to consistently be at 6 or more, if not then it is no longer contributing to the growth of the business and the group class experience. In saying that, if this change absolutely prohibits you from utilizing our services you have the option of upgrading to our semi-private program or emailing if you absolutely cannot adjust to this schedule. We then can discuss whether Fit-2-The-Core is still a good fit for you. We do not want you to feel at all like you are being forced to do anything, based on this decision as you always have a choice and we want to make sure you understand that, but we do too, and we reserve the right to change the schedule due to demand or lack thereof.

In the next 3 months if the demand for these services are adequate we will reconsider adding these back to the schedule.

We strive to offer the best experience possible and with this adjustment we will be providing the best service possible to our Fit-2-The-Core community.

Schedule Change notes:

Copy of the new schedule which will begin on March 12th will be available in the gym.

No longer will there be a 6pm group strength class, there will only be a 5am and 7am offered in the morning.

We are changing the start time of Tuesday/Thursday Burn class to 5:15am from 5:30am.

The 9am Group Burn class has been moved to 8am.

The 5:30pm Burn Class will become an open gym class with priority going to semi-private coaching. Open gym is you come in and we give you your 4 exercises and you exercise on your own following the heart rate system. We of course will get you started and make needed corrections(note: this class has consistently been very low attendance with zero to 5 at best, not sure why this is, but maybe 5:30 is too early, so I will take requests for a 6pm Tues/Thursday class and if I get 6 or more people to commit I will add that, but the demand has to be there or I can’t justify adding it).

Please do not respond with request not to do this, this is a final decision in which a lot of thought and planing has been put into with me and my staff. Again, we will revisit these group classes in June and if the demand warrants it, we will add them back.

Also, all communications regarding this schedule will only be addressed to, any other communication will not be addressed, so please respect our communication process and do not respond on skipio or from the email in which this was sent. Your questions or concerns will be appropriately addressed by emailing

Thank you for your understanding,

Tim Rudd






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