Happy Valentine’s Day

With all of the love in the air this week we’ve been reflecting on the people we love. I know it’s a bit mushy but we really do love our members and I wanted to share a few reasons why…

1. They are givers. They give to our community, they take care of their families, many are caretakers by profession including teachers, nurses, in customer service or own businesses that help others. We are honored to be the ones they chose to take care of them so they can take care of everyone else.

2. They are go-getters. When they decide that they want to accomplish something there is no stopping them.They seek out the answers, find the experts and make it happen and they chose us as their experts to accomplish their health & fitness goals.

3. They don’t settle. Good is not good enough. Our members want the best. At Fit-2-The-Core we bring our best everyday because we love our members so much and want them to have the best.

4. They love to have fun. Our members are what make up our culture at Fit-2-The-Core. When you walk in and feel the energy, the good vibes, the support and the family atmosphere it is because of our members. They make everyday so much fun for us!

5. They don’t waste time. They are busy, busy people with many demands on their schedule so when it comes to getting something done including their workout they don’t waste time. They come to Fit-2-The-Core because they know their time will be used effectively and we’ll get as much done during their session as possible. We love that they mean business when they come to workout.

6. They support each other. The camaraderie in our gym between members is incredible. Always watching out for each other, checking on each other and helping each other out. We have many life long friendships that have grown out of meeting at Fit-2-the-Core. We love seeing the support and care our members show each other.

7. They are part of our community. We are family! They aren’t just customers or nameless gym members. Each member of our gym plays a very special role as a part of our community and culture. Every personality adds something to the atmosphere at Fit-2-The-Core. We only have positive, fun, inspiring people who bring it everyday when they walk through our doors and they rock! Each one of you holds a special place in our hearts.

8. They are dedicated. Our members are very consistent. When they commit to something they don’t waver. We see our members on average 2-3 times a week. Right now we have really dedicated to New Year New You team members here 4 days a week. They are dedicated to their own health & fitness because they know it makes them better at everything else they do. We appreciate their dedication and love seeing them regularly!

9. They love a challenge. Whether it’s a 100 workout challenge, a D2S challenge, our Going Strong Personal Best Challenge, our New Year New You, an Obstacle Course Challenge, or their own personal challenge accomplishing a goal they set out to do our members love to conquer a challenge! We have members who have done pull-ups for the first time, members who have climbed Mountains, bike ride hundreds of miles and who have crossed finish lines…we love that our members are always ready to tackle a challenge!

10. They show appreciation. Our members make our job everyday extremely rewarding. To see them transform their lives year after year and share their stories. We love that our members tell their stories and inspire each other. Many times they’ll say to us- “Thank you!” while we realize that it was all them…we gave them the path but they had to follow through. We always say we won’t take the credit, because we wouldn’t take the blame…they get all the credit!

Fit-2-The-Core Members – You rock! We love you!

We’ll see you in the gym!

Happy Valentines!
Your coaches
Tim, Chris, Carrie, Preston and Tina

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