Top 3 Transformation Strategies Revealed

Today I want to share 3 of our Top Transformation Strategies. Many people are surprised when they first join our challenges and/or GYM, because we don’t prescribe diets. We follow proven principles of nutrition that can fit into any lifestyle and can be easily integrated into any diet. The key is learning how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat it. This puts the focus on health, body composition and performance and gives you complete control over you health and body.

All the transformations you see below were achieved without cleanses, calorie restriction, and gimmicks. We implement 3 Strategies that are not only effective in the short term, but also that stand the test of time and ensure that our members continually make progress each week, month and year!


Strategy # 1: Supportive Habit Based Nutrition:

The nutrition principles focused on eating lean proteins, veggies, fruits, unprocessed starchy carbs, drinking plenty of water, and consuming good fats. was achieved by eating 4-6 meals daily with strong focus on portion control without deprivation. This nutritional plan not only supports health, lean muscle, and fat loss, but also the challenger’s performance during their workouts. While many gyms focus on just losing weight, you will see in the transformations below, the goals were to lose fat and build muscle. If calories are too restricted, then this will not be the outcome and will result in regaining the lost weight. If you lose fat and muscle, you slow down your metabolism, and your BMR (amount of calories burned during the day) is lower. If you lose muscle while you are losing weight, you can end up with a higher body fat percentage even at a lower body weight. This is one of the main reasons most people end up gaining their weight back and sometimes even more.The goal should be to lose fat and improve your metabolic rate by building lean muscle with a nutrition plan that supports both. This lifestyle strategy is key in giving you complete control over your body and health, resulting in long term success.Good Habits

Strategy #2: Strength Training

Strength training is very powerful for fat loss and building lean tone muscle, which is Fit-2-The-Core’s number one strategy. This demands that the body builds lean muscle and loses fat, which chronically increases BMR (amount of fat calories burned throughout the day). This has the strongest effect on increasing your metabolism due the high intensity demand to the muscles and reshaping your whole body. The key is quality of movement and progressive resistance, which basically means increasing intensity at each workout when appropriate. Intensity is in direct proportion to the quality of movement, this is why our expert coaches make sure each and every exercise is done with perfect form, before we start to challenge them with more intensity. Poor movement does not lead to intensity, no matter how challenging it may feel, your body and metabolism does not respond favorably to poor movement. In order to glean the benefits of progressive resistance, you must have  least 4 exposures to each workout with a maximum of 6 exposures. This is the sweet spot for maximizing the quality of movement and thus the intensity that ensures a life long transformation in your metabolism and body.

Strategy #3: Metabolic Zone Training

Our third strategy is metabolic zone cardio also known as “Burn” which also increases metabolism but in a different way. As mentioned above, we achieve a higher metabolic rate (BMR) by challenging and building more muscle thorough strength training (lifting weights). In our BURN cardio classes, we achieve a higher metabolic rate by faster, more powerful, movements, using more body weight or lighter resistance kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes etc.

We use heart rate training to achieve the most effective intensity in challenging the metabolic system, again intensity is going to be governed by quality of movement.The key is not only in reaching the most effective intensity, but also the right recovery. This is important in being able to repeat the most effective intensity throughout your workout. This creates a huge oxygen deficit, which your body has to make up for once the workout is over by increasing your oxygen uptake (metabolism) for the next 24-48 hours. This is very similar to the effect of strength training, just not as powerful. Since our “BURN” classes don’t break down muscle like strength training, it is put in middle of our strength days ensuring that our member’s bodies are ready to adapt to the changes demanded by their workouts, and leads to building lean mass and burning fat.

These top 3 transformation strategies of a supportive nutrition plan, strength training, and Metabolic Zone cardio all lead to the six week transformations below that support continued fat loss over the long haul, by giving you complete control over your health and body.

While most GYMs focus just on weight loss, we focus on changing the way your body looks, also know as re-body composition. Our members long term success is a true testament to habit based nutrition principles, Total body strength programs that focus on quality over quantity while progressively challenging our members over time and our “BURN” heart rate zone classes that ensure that our members are working at the most effective intensity for fat loss.




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